The Story Behind

Elkhorn Meat Solutions

In 2016 we returned to the family farm located at the base of the Elkhorn Mountains in Eastern Oregon where we built a house.  Returning to the family farm was a life-long dream of Anthony's as he dreamed of carrying on the family legacy and see that the farm stay in the family for 100 years.  This required some adjustments for the family as the kids had previously been living within the city limits of a small rural town.  Anthony knew that this was the life he wanted for the kids so that they would have opportunities to learn how to work, have freedom, and appreciate nature in it's beauty.


The Family

Anthony is the fifth generation Leggett to run the family farm.  His ancestor’s roots stretch back to the early days of settling in Eastern Oregon when pioneers were settling the area after the civil war.  When WW II began, his grandfather (Billy Leggett) was drafted into the Army where he served in the 820th as an engineer.  This meant that many times he was in front of the front lines building roads, bridges, and runways.  Many times, he was among the first of the armed forces to enter war-torn areas.  When entering this area, he noticed that people who lived in the cities faced greater challenged and suffered more to feed their families that those who were living in the country.  In the country people often had livestock and gardens where they were able to produce their own food and were able to survive the war.  Upon returns from the war, he married his sweetheart Doris May Bond.  He took advantage of the GI bill and was able to purchase some early John Deere Tractors and the farm where we currently live.  For him this land was sacred, and he called it  “A Place of Refuge,” for the family to turn to in hard times.  He and his father-in-law, Lester Herndon Bond, lived side by side.  In time Lester passed away leaving the two farms to Billy, who farmed it for many years until his health began to fail.  At that time Anthony’s father, Deryl stepped in and took over the family farm where he successfully operated it for the next 40 years. 


After graduating from college, Anthony and Kara moved back to the Eastern Oregon area where they began raising their family.  They have lived in several different areas, (Baker Valley, Prairie City, Stanfield, and back to the Farm in Baker Valley.)  He has worked for Old West Federal Credit Union for 15 years as an Ag. / Commercial Loan Officer minus a short 9-month stint with Rabo Agri-Finance. 

Kara was raised in a second-generation large farm family, (in a small town outside Eastern Oregon.)  I had a beautiful childhood, that can be accredited to our deep farming, and religious roots.  Growing up I enjoyed serving in my church, playing sports, but above all my greatest memories are from the family farm. In college I studied early childhood development. Anthony and I married shortly after He came home from South America, and we finished college as a family of three! We moved around as Anthony’s career took off. We hung our hats in a place that was more city than we wanted, but knew God had a plan for us, and we loved the people there.  Unexpectedly one day the reality of moving home was at our feet. Sad to leave our friends, and the life we built, we still jumped at the chance to move back to the farm, once again knowing God had a plan for us, and finally being able to give our kids a chance at the life we had as children.  We have lived on the farm now for 4 years and every day we feel so thankful to be here doing what we love. I have been a homemaker for almost 20 years now.  I enjoy my kids and I love being their mom.  I also love being the wife of a farmer, and I love the farm we live on. I feel blessed to be part of it in any way. I also love all animals; I feel a close connection to anything that lives and breathes.  It makes me happy to give them a good life and care for them in a very intimate way, and I hope to teach that to my children.      

Kenzie has served in numerous positions ranging from the president of the FFA, vice president of the student body, secretary of the national honors society, and a team captain on both varsity basketball and volleyball teams.  She is currently attending college in Idaho where I'm majoring in psychology.   

A few areas that interest me are FFA, athletics, helping on the farm and being outdoors. I’ve been in the FFA program for four years and I am currently the treasure on the advanced team. Last year I served as the secretary on the green hand team. I’ve been playing sports for as long as I can remember. As of know I play basketball, volleyball and do track. I play varsity volleyball and basketball; I have never had the opportunity to do track in high school due to Corona. I’m excited to see where I can go with my sports and FFA career. The chores that I do around the farm vary from raise animals to cutting hay and moving pipe. I’m very lucky to be able to have the chance to live and work on a farm. I enjoy being outside doing tons of activities. A few of the things I do during the summer are, kayak, hike, boating and etc. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and have been all of my life. I have helped and put on service activities for people around our community. After doing these service projects I feel good that I helped people and didn’t think only of helping myself. I plan on attending college and going into the medical field; a few areas I’m interested in are becoming a Radiational Therapist, working in the NICU and or working in sports medicine. I also am very excited to have a family in the future.

My interests are blacksmithing, learning about new weapons, like assault rifles, shot guns and rifles. I want to become a farmer someday and run the family farm. The farm has given me opportunities to develop new skills that will be needed in life as I grow up and live on my own. If that does not work out, then I would like to run a different farm somewhere in eastern Oregon. I would like to learn how to butcher, be a blacksmith or phlebotomist for a future career.


Some things I am interested in is art and animating. I love animating in my free time and I also like baseball. Another thing is learning about organs and what can harm them and some treatments that can help them. I would like to maybe be able to do something like a vet who specializes in surgery. I love helping animals that have something wrong with them and seeing the end “product” when the animal is better.

I am simply happy to be here and spread joy to the world. I enjoy eating anything that I'm given and will play with anything.  Canning jar lids are one of my favorite things to play with.